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Manga has the power to overcome the language & culture barrier

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Japan proudly owns and leads the manga culture in the world, and at the same time, it has become a new communication tool that connects Japan to the rest of the world.

Even though the characters can speak the same language as the reader, the manga is not limited to sentences, and it is possible to convey information with emotions and overcome the language barrier.

At Sideranch, we have many successful examples of Manga Translation and Localization.

It is possible to efficiently give information about the tourist attractions that are difficult to convey with letters alone. It is also popular with overseas travelers as a Japanese-style “entertainment”.


Advertisement with manga easily catches attention and has become a new standard. Since it can be read and shared easily with the sites like Twitter and Facebook, it is highly possible to go viral on social media!

Manga uses relatively simple expressions so you can explain difficult content in an easy-to-understand manner. For example, foreign workers can easily understand the manga as it can reproduce various situations on the job.


PR Manga for Inbound Tourism

Introducing the “Transit & Stay Program.” Transit travelers can experience Japan during their stay with easy-to-understand manga and photos! The manga was distributed at Narita Airport.

Languages: English, Chinese (Traditional), Thai


System Introduction Leaflets

We have created a leaflet that incorporates manga and illustrations to make it more prominent when presenting the newly developed system at an Italian conference.

Language: English

Manga for Inbound Tourism App

It is a manga explaining the story of the Saikū Ruins in a sightseeing app. Since it is for smartphones, it is created as Vertical  Scrolling Manga.

Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean


Introduction Manga of Research Contents for Overseas

In order to familiarize people with the Department of Architecture and Urban Environment, we created an introductory manga for the students and the researchers in Japan and overseas.

Languages: Japanese, English