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All kinds of Content with Comprehensive Planning and Editing Skills!

Books/Videos/Digital Content/Websites etc.

From planning and editing books to proposing digital content, our editors provide the support that will overcome the barrier between print media and digital media. This synergy creates a flawless process from website planning, news coverage, and article production to content management, and YouTube videos, and then it expands to the books, enabling a powerful editing and production process that links everything.

Originality; advanced planning and editing skills! Down to the content management of a website!

Planning & Editing at Sideranch


Operation, planning 
& production of
major websites


Book editing &
production with
planning & proposals


News coverage &
article production
for companies etc.


Interviews with
celebrities and


Easy to share
and remember!
Manuals like
corporate ethics


Content creation
with entertainment
reaching all over
the world

News Coverage and Article Production

Gourmet reports of famous stores, interviews with famous talents and voice actors, magazine articles for business people, articles for the online platforms, etc. You see an article on a specific topic on the net; We’ve got you covered with many ideas!

Unfortunately, we cannot share the websites we are working on. Instead, please check the articles below!

News Coverage Examples

Magazine Article Examples

KADOKAWA "Entermix"


Shogakukan "DIME"

Higashimatsuyama City Board of Education "Kajita Takaaki Sensei to Nyūtorino"

Hobby JAPAN "歴史探訪 (Rekishi Tanbō) vol.08"

Hobby JAPAN "歴史探訪 (Rekishi Tanbō) vol.04

Sekai Bunka "へるぱる (Heruparu) May/June 2018 Issue"

Sekai Bunka "へるぱる (Heruparu) Winter Issue 2017 "