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Original Characters / Copyrighted Characters / Background Illustrations

From original characters to copyrighted characters; from materials, background images, moe-based, real-based thick coating style to deformed characters and monsters!

We produce visual materials for different purposes that can be used for mobile content and promotion of various services.

Variety of Beautiful Illustration Samples

Female Characters

Male Characters

男性キャラクター サンプル

Thick Coating Style

厚塗り​ サンプル


Deformed Characters

Illustrations for Game Production

■Shogi Wars
A full-scale shogi app officially recognized by the Japan Shogi Association. Making full use of graphics and AI, everyone, from beginners to advanced players, can enjoy it with flashy production. We have a good reputation for a full range of services for online games.


Starting from the planning stage, we are in charge of almost all visual aspects such as the main visuals, backgrounds, and items of the main characters.

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■千年の巨神 (Chitose no Kyoshin)
The giants, sealed after the Giant War, are resurrected.
Who opened the seal… What was their purpose!?

In charge of 2D parts such as characters, backgrounds and items of the best-selling novel “Record of Lodoss War” which can be seen as the origin of domestic fantasy RPG.

■Monster Paradise +

In charge of main NPC and card design.
Collect monsters by encountering or summoning them during an adventure, and cooperate with your friends to defeat the giant monsters!If you are looking for a social RPG card game where you can fight with your friends along and with hundreds of monsters, that is “Monster Paradise +”!

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Providing Visuals and Planning Proposals for Various Contents

“Detective Conan” (Shogakukan), “Shoot” (Kodansha Comics), “Saint Seiya,” “Mystery House,” “Emperors SaGa,” “Makai Gakuen Catastrophe,” “Last Princess Knight: The Hundred Dragon War,” “海賊道 (Kaizoku michi),” “騎士道 (Kishi michi),” “幻獣姫 (Genjū hime),” “Sengoku SAGA,” “Sengoku Tougeki,” “Sengoku Enbu,” “Kanpani Girls,” “ルクセンブラ (Luxembra),” “Pandora Saga,” “Scratch Pirates,” “Girl Friend Beta,” “Monster Strike,” and many more!