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Just Scroll on Your Phone and Leave Everything Else About Vertical Scrolling Manga to Us!

Webtoon / Vertical Reading Manga

From the planning stage to final editing, we can help you with creating your own original Vertical Scrolling Manga! 
We have been working with many famous manga titles; turning traditional manga manuscripts into Vertical Scrolling Manga or vice versa, and turning black and white manga into colored manga.

What is Vertical Scrolling Manga?

Vertical Scrolling Manga or Webtoon are becoming mainstream in the world.
Even in Japan, Vertical Scrolling Manga draws attention as a new manga trend.

While you need to read right to the left in the standard manga format, you can just scroll to read without getting lost within the frames in Vertical Scrolling Manga.  Compared to viewing ordinary manga on a smartphone, Vertical Scrolling Manga is outstandingly easy to read with a suitable arrangement for mobile devices.

In addition, Vertical Scrolling Manga is also easy to translate into multiple languages, making this manga format suitable for inbound tourism and information distribution overseas.

Vertical Scroll Manga Production Sample


悪女のやり直し Akujo no Yarinaoshi

Story by KM, Art by Uni Kouzuki

★Ranked No. 1 in the fantasy genre and No. 1 overall in the Piccoma Ranking! (At the time of its release)


A selfish girl, Elisabet, is put to death by her sister Alice after her trickery. Elisabet regrets her arrogance and loses her life with a grudge against Alice.
However, when she opens her eyes, Elisabet turns back in time to a year ago. She decides to change herself and win the trust of those around her while taking revenge on Alice, the woman who wronged her. This is a redemptive fantasy in which revenge through wits and wiles is a painful experience!

Now available at Piccoma (SMARTOON)

©Maye, Kanoukei, SHERPA STUDIO


Story by Maye, Art by 叶KKanoukei

★Ranked No. 1 in the romance genre and No. 2 overall in the Piccoma Ranking! (At the time of its release)


The world where humans and therianthrope live together, the fairy tale of “The Cursed Wolf and the Prince of Light.” Amelie is possessed by “Nao,” a silver-haired young lady destined to be sacrificed. What is the truth of the sacrifice in Claude’s castle, guarded by the cold-blooded wolf king “Lionel” and his vassals? An otherworldly, love fantasy that you won’t want to miss!

★Introduced in “King’s Brunch” (TBS) TV show!
*Broadcasted on August 6, 2022

Now available at Piccoma (SMARTOON)

Hosting Websites

More and more Vertical Scrolling Manga!

Piccoma, Mecha Comic, Shonen Jump+, Mahoiland…
Numerous works in famous Vertical Scrolling Manga sites!
Sideranch’s original works are not limited to Vertical Scrolling Manga.
We have regular, frame-reading manga published on various websites! 

Our Books on the Know-how of Vertical Scrolling Manga

Sideranch is involved in the production of not only Vertical Scrolling Manga but also books on how to make Vertical Scrolling Manga.
Please take a look at the related books produced by Sideranch, a company that knows the ins and outs of vertical reading.

“Digital & Vertical & Color,” A must-have book for digital generation manga artists to learn the basics of manga.
NHN comico “デジタル漫画のテクニック 2nd update”

The official guidebook for those who want to create freely with Clip Studio.
MdN Corporation “CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO 公式ガイドブック 改訂版”

The official guidebook for Clip Studio to create Vertical Scrolling format.
MdN Corporation “CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX 公式ガイドブック 改訂版”

Sideranch, Webtoon/Vertical Scrolling Professional!

Original Vertical Scroll Manga Production

We can take care of anything from scenarios to coloring for your new original work.

Vertical Adoptation of Existing Manga

Regular Manga manuscripts are also converted to Vertical Scrolling without difficulty.

From Vertical to Manuscript Format

Vertical Scrolling Manga can also be converted into regular manuscripts for books.

Coloring Black & White Manga

It is also possible to convert black-and-white Manga to colored Vertical Scroll.

Translation of Vertical Scolling Manga

Global trend, Vertical Scrolling Manga can be translated into many languages.

Connection Between Videos and Manga

Cross-media connection is also easy for Vertical Scrolling Manga and YouTube etc.

Multi-genre Vertical Scrolling Manga By Sideranch

A New Form of Manga that Fits Our Modern Times!

Perfect for reading on smartphones

The greatest advantage is that the manga format is suitable for reading on a smartphone. It can be scrolled easily with one hand, and its fixed width on the smartphone screen makes it easier to guide the reader’s gaze than conventional manga, so it is specially designed to be read in a short period of time, during train travel or a layover.

Attracts more readers

The easy scrolling by swiping allows users to read manga in a stress-free, flowing manner. The ease of reading the manga makes it easy for people from all walks of life to easily come into contact with the content, greatly increasing the likelihood of trending on social media! This can also be expected to have the effect of attracting more customers.

Supports inbound readers

As the books are opened to the left, unlike in Japan, when translating Japanese manga, the manuscript needs to be reversed for printing, which requires more time and funds. However, people all over the world can read Vertical Scrolling Manga without any discomfort. The only thing left to do is that translate the content to the target language.