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Webtoon / Vertical Scroll Manga

From the planning stage to final editing, we can help you with creating your own original Vertical Scrolling Manga!

We have been working with many famous manga titles; turning traditional manga manuscripts into Vertical Scrolling Manga or vice versa, and turning black and white manga into colored manga.

What is a Vertical Scrolling Manga?

Vertical Scrolling Manga or Webtoon are becoming mainstream in the world.

This manga format is different than the traditional one. While you need to read right to left in the traditional manga format, you can just scroll to read without getting lost within the frames.

Even in Japan, Vertical Scrolling Manga draws attention as a new manga trend.

Compared to viewing ordinary manga on a smartphone, Vertical Scrolling Manga is outstandingly easy to read with a suitable arrangement for mobile devices. You can easily follow the story just by scrolling.

In addition, Vertical Scrolling Manga is easy to translate to multiple languages, which makes this manga format suitable for inbound tourism and information distribution overseas.

Our Original Vertical Scrolling Manga Samples


Best format to read on your smartphone!

The biggest merit of Vertical Scrolling Manga is that it is suitable for reading on a smartphone.

This format is great at getting people to read manga even for a short amount of time, like during commuting or waiting in line.

Attracting more readers!

You can easily read manga by scrolling on your smartphone.

The ease of reading will give more people a chance to scroll through your story freely. This can greatly increase the possibility of going viral on social media!

You will see how it spreads around and attracts more readers.

Support for inbound customers!

As a further advantage, the localized manga needs to be opened to the left, unlike in Japan. When translating Japanese manga, the manuscript needs to be reversed for printing, which requires more time and funds.

However, people all over the world can read vertical manga without any discomfort as it only needs to be scrolled vertically. The only thing left to do is that translate the content to the target language.

From Manga Manuscript to Vertical Scrolling Manga


Utilization of Vertical Scrolling Manga

Vertical Manga for Community Building and Inbound Tourism

The biggest advantage of Vertical Scrolling Manga is being suitable for reading on a smartphone.
You can read it just by scrolling and without getting lost in the frames.

You can create manga that can be translated into different languages to make it accessible to inbound tourists.

At Sideranch, we have produced many manga that have been translated into more than 10 languages.


At Sideranch,
We can support you with the whole process of
creating Vertical Scrolling Manga!

Vertical Scrolling Manga Production of an Original Title

Converting Existing Manga Manuscript into Vertical Scrolling Manga​

Converting Vertical Scrolling Manga into Traditional Manga Format

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Localization/Translation of Manga for Inbound Customers​

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