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Outstanding Content with the Advantage of Motion Manga!

Manga Video / Short Anime

What is Manga Video or Motion Manga?

Motion Manga/Manga Videos are created by taking 2D manga data and enhancing it with movement, sound, and effects to produce a video. Compared to traditional anime production, this method significantly reduces costs while allowing the creation of highly engaging and innovative videos that would be challenging to achieve with live-action alone. This makes it perfect for social media videos and YouTube ads!

From entertaining TV commercials to more subdued educational videos, our extensive production experience allows us to create the ideal video to suit your needs!

What is Short Anime?

Short anime refers to animations that are a few seconds to around 15 minutes long. Compared to 30-minute episodes, they are more cost-effective to produce while still providing more dynamic movement than manga videos. These eye-catching animations are highly effective in various settings!

Selection of Our Successful Works

Sanrio Puroland (Event videos, web videos, etc.), Toei (Entertainment videos such as Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, etc.), Loteria (Twitter advertisement videos), Benesse Shinkenzemi (Videos for study, etc.), Central Japan Railway Company (Videos about in-house ethics), Government Offices (Manual videos, localized videos for overseas), Aeon Cinema (Theater advertisement videos), Artists Concert Video (Yuzu), Sunshine City (Digital billboard videos) Shueisha (Shibuya109 Shonen Jump App introduction video), and other companies from various industries

Even though we cannot share, we have accomplished many other works!

Endless Possibilities with Sideranch Manga Videos!

There are many more examples that we can’t showcase on the website!

6 Outstanding Benefits of Motion Manga

Paper & Video

Motion Manga meets your needs by balancing the desire for print media and video data while managing costs and tight schedules.

Creative Freedom

From historical settings to the inside of the human body, where live-action incurs significant costs, Motion Manga allows for unrestricted expression.

Fun and Impactful

Anything is possible, from charming characters to aliens, dinosaurs, and more. Create impactful visuals that leave a strong impression.

Flexible Copyright

Using real-life talent can lead to tricky issues like contract renewals.
However, Motion Manga offers flexibility in handling copyrights!

Easily Localized

It allows for easy localization with adjustments to audio, speech bubbles, and dialogues alone. Plus, ‘MANGA’ is a universal language!”

Low-cost Anime

Utilizing manga data for production allows for substantial cost reductions compared to traditional animation methods, while maintaining the quality.