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Advantage of Motion Manga!

As it takes the attention easily, it will be the best option for your YouTube Ads!
We can help you create your own Motion Manga, Japanese Style Motion Comic!

A Motion Manga or Manga Anime is a video created by adding movement, sound, and effects to manga data drawn in 2D. The cost can be significantly reduced compared to producing an anime, and you can create a video full of ideas that are difficult to do in live-action.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan

Educational Manga and Motion Manga about Safety and Health for Foreign Workers

We produce educational material about safety and health in 8 different industries in both Manga and Motion Manga for foreign workers.
We also translate the materials into more than 10 languages such as English, Chinese, Indonesian, Tagalog, Nepali, Khmer, etc.

You can see the other videos along with their manga version here.

6 Outstanding Benefits of Manga Videos

Print Version and Video in One Go

You want to make a booklet, but you also want to make a video! But the cost… Motion Manga can meet all of your needs at the same time. Just by creating a manga character, we can create even more interesting projects one after another.

View the World Freely

Futuristic ideas, scenes inside a human body, or historical places; even the videos that cost a lot in live-action can be easily expressed in Motion Manga. The characters can be anything; from beautiful men and women to dinosaurs and aliens.

Fun and Impactful

It is considerably more impressive than a simple live-action video. You can create high-impact videos that you can watch, learn, and easily remember, like tourist information videos, product promotions, or in-house training videos.

Highly Flexible Copyright

When it comes to copyright, you may encounter some problems with the actors as the contract is only for a limited amount of time. This is not an issue for Manga Videos!
You don’t need to worry about anything like if the video is not usable as there are some problems with the actor.

Easy to Localize

A video composed of manga can be converted into multiple languages simply by adjusting the voice and speech balloons. And above all, MANGA is a common language in the world! No matter where you are in the world, manga is popular!

Low Cost Video Production

Since it is based on manga data, the number of drawings is overwhelmingly smaller than that of animation, and as a result, the cost is significantly lower. You can use videos in any platform, from YouTube to web sites.

Selection of Our Successful Works

Sanrio Puroland (Event videos, web videos, etc.), Toei (Entertainment videos such as Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, etc.), Loteria (Twitter advertisement videos), Benesse Shinkenzemi (Videos for study, etc.), Central Japan Railway Company (Videos about in-house ethics), Government Offices (Manual videos, localized videos for overseas), Aeon Cinema (Theater advertisement videos), Artists Concert Video (Yuzu), Sunshine City (Digital billboard videos) Shueisha (Shibuya109 Shonen Jump App introduction video), Other companies from various industries

Even though we cannot share, we have accomplished so many other works!


Motion Manga / Manga Anime Production Samples

We have more cases but unfortunately they cannot be posted publicly.

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Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management​

“Magical Fund Girl”

It is an impactful video of learning stocks with a magical girl. It is full of difficult expressions for a live action movie. Also, the cost is greatly reduced by creating 2D advertisements and videos at the same time.

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Book Ads of Takahashi Shoten​

“Introduction to Manga Stock” & “Introduction to Manga FX”

It is the advertisement video of a manga, produced by Sideranch, which is a story of a girl who learns stock and saves money to rescue a village in dire straits. The manga movie flows nicely at a tempo like a TV commercial.

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Medical Manga Videos​

“Treatment of Asthma”

This is a Motion Manga created for treating asthma and explaining used medicines. The medical system tends to be heavy and complicated in live-action. The softness of the manga can overcome this with easy-to-understand illustrations.

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Theme Song Video for a Store​

“Tsukumo Electric”

We produce both manga and music. Manga Videos are easy to adjust to match the music and can be used together with visuals used when uploading to YouTube.

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Sunshine 60 Observation Deck​

“White Christmas”

It can be seen at the digital billboard on the road to Sunshine City. This is a good example of making cheap and impactful video ads!

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PR Video for Orijinal Manga​


An advertisement for an original manga produced by Sideranch. It is also possible to produce videos specialized for PR!

As Sideranch, we can create a variety of products!