Sideranch Inc. | Manga Production / Manga Editing / Publishing

Manga Production for Entertainment

We have a wealth of experience in original manga production specializing in entertainment, from otherworldly reincarnations to villainous daughters, game titles, occupational titles, historical epics, column manga, manga adaptations of famous novels, and much more!

Publication on Web Sites

More than 30 websites!

Publisher Clients

Kodansha, Shueisha, Shogakukan, KADOKAWA, GAKKEN HOLDINGS, IKEDA PUBLISHING, MdN corporation, EARTH STAR Entertainment, ICHIJINSHA, SB Creative, NHN comico, PHP Institute, GENTOSHA COMICS, CORE MAGAZINE, Cosmic Publishing, SHUFUNOTOMO, SHINSEI Publishing, STARTS PUBLISHING, SEIBUNDO SHINKOSHA Publishing, SEKAI BUNKA PUBLISHING, TAKARAJIMASHA, TAC PUBLISHING Group, CHUOKORON-SHINSHA, Natsumesha, NIHONBUNGEISHA, BUNKASHA, BUNGEISHUNJU, Kawade Shobo Shinsha, Hayakawa Publishing, Hobby Japan, POPLAR Publishing, Mynavi Publishing More than 50 companies!

Entertainment Company Clients

Sanrio Entertainment, Toei Company, SQUARE ENIX, MIXI GROUP, DELiGHTWORKS, Sony Entertainment, CAPCOM, GungHo Online Entertainment, SEGA, GMO Gamepot, HEROZ More than 40 companies!

Even though we cannot share, we have accomplished so many other works!

Features of Sideranch

From original planning and scenario creation based on the target audience to the manga adaptation of original novels, Vertical Scrolling Manga Production (WEBTOON), and even cartoon videos, we can handle all aspects of entertainment cartoon production, from planning to production!


Planning of a wide range of content: manga, video, digital content, etc.


Manga adaptation of any content, including novels and business books


Creating scenarios for comic books, business books, etc., according to the requests

Character Design

We can design a character that meets your needs! Even as your company mascot!

Storyboard Creation

Producing attractive storyboards based on original plots and scenarios

Manuscript Creation

Based on our extensive experience, we can produce manuscripts in all genres


Coloring a black-and-white manga and turning it into a color manga!

Vertical Scrol Manga

WEBTOON adaptation of traditional manga! Original production is also available!

BS File

Converting manga to frame-by-frame format files for easy reading on smartphones