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The craftsmanship that makes full use of the characteristics of Manga!

As a manga editor and producer, Sideranch plans and produces books and digital content that utilize manga and illustrations at the request of publishers, game companies, production companies, etc. Production can be done collectively from planning to DTP and digital development. Our company, which has the know-how of manga, produces manga in pursuit of entertainment and is also strong in the production of digital content. We currently have many successful products in these areas.


Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, Web Manga/ Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
of Japan, Manga Guidebook/ NHK, Manga for Public Relations/ Sanrio Puroland, Concept Visual/ Public Security
Intelligence Agenc, Recruitment Pamphlet/ Tokyo Credit Union Association, Manga/ Japan International Cooperation
Agency, Web Manga/ Ministry of Defense of Japan, Manga/ Kyoto Consumer Life Safety Center, Manga/ Japan
Sake & Shochu Makers Association, Manga/ Higashimatsuyama City, Saitama Prefecture, Manga/ Misato City,
Saitama Prefecture, Manga/ National Junior High School, High School Dance Drill Championship 2018, Poster
Illustration/ Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group, App Manga/ Ricoh Japan Printer Promotion Manga/ Sumitomo Mitsui
DS Asset Management Company, Limited, Manga about small and medium-sized stock fund/ Takeda Pharmaceutical
Company, Manga/ Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Picture Book for a new drug promotion and awareness/ ALSOK, Web
Manga/ Sunshine 60 Observatory, Motion Manga Commercial/ Keisei Electric Railway, Picture Book / Glico, Manga/
NTT West, Environmental Preservation Activities, Character/ KFC, Manga/ U-CAN,Teaching Materials, Management/
Gakken Plus, World History Manga / KADOKAWA, Japanese History Manga

and 3,500 others.

Publisher Clients

Kodansha, Shueisha, Shogakukan, KADOKAWA, Gakken Holdings, Ikeda Book Store, MDN Corporation, Ascom Ichijinsha, SB Creative, NHNcomico, Kanehara, Kyoiku Tosho, KK Bestsellers, Gentosha Comics, Core Magazine, Cosmic Publishing, Kosaido Publishing, Sankei-Shobo, Shimizu Shoin, Shufu to Seikatsu Sha, SHUFUNOTOMO, SHINSEI Publishing, SEIBIDO SHUPPAN, Sibundo Shinkosha, Sekai Bunka Publishing, Sotechsha, Takarajimasha, TAC Publishing, Chuokoron-Shinsha, Natsumesha, Nihon Bungeisha, Bunkasha Publishing, Bungei Shunjū, Hobby Japan, Poplar Publishing, Mynavi Publishing, Rironsha

More than 50 companies!

Compatible with all genres of Manga

We can handle all genres of manga such as Business Comics, Shōnen Manga, Shōjo Manga, Manga as teaching material, Children’s Manga, 4-frame (Yonkoma) Manga, Autobiographical Comics, Gekiga (Dramatic Drawings), American Comics, and Vertical Scrolling Manga!

Compatible with ALL genres!

Our advanced editing ability cannot be created by just an advertising agency.

We have a good track record in all genres such as medicine, law, economy, science, education, and sports.

(Picture Book)
IT Literacy

Manga Samples


Manga Samples for Advertisement

Interesting, easy-to-understand, and memorable manga content is also effective in the advertisement field. We have achieved exceedingly effective results in product introduction, company introduction, in-house ethics, manga manuals, works for public relations, research presentations, translated/localized manga, manga in different languages, and inbound support.

Advertisement Manga of Misato City, Saitama Prefecture for Magazines "広告みさと (Kōkoku Misato)"

Manga Production example for public relations magazines of local governments.

The story is about the elections and voting as the young people are new initiatives from the age of 18. It was featured in various media.


Nobel Prize Winner "梶田隆章先生とニュートリノ (Kajita Takaaki Sensei to Nyūtorino)"

A manga with over 100 pages was created about the research and lifetime of Professor Takaaki Kajita, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics, for the children of his hometown, Higashimatsuyama.


Ricoh "プロシー戦隊 トナーレンジャー (Puroshī Sentai Tonārenjā)"

It is a vigorous work where each color of printing is designed as a squadron hero. This original manga lets you understand the product and familiarize yourself with it. It is an interesting way to read the explanation of a product.

リコー『プロシー戦隊 トナーレンジャー』

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications "ふるさとワーキングホリデー(Furusato Wākinguhoridē)" Guidebook

After getting the request: “We want Japanese university students to know the activities as much as possible”, we explained the participation methods and the flow of the activities in an easy-to-understand manner with manga. It is widely developed; from websites to pamphlets.


JICA "世界へはばたけ!マンガで知る青年海外協力隊 (Sekai e Habatake! Manga de shiru seinen kaigai kyōryoku-tai)"

Introducing the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers as an easy-to-understand and fun manga. Young people working from all over the world have appeared as the main characters, and the actual experiences are used in the manga as they are.


Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association "漫画で知る 本格焼酎と泡盛 (Manga de Shiru Honkakujochu to Awamori)"

The project was planned in the hope that women would learn more about shochu and awamori. A handsome man appears as the spirit of shochu, and the manga is designed to point out its charms and delicacies.

日本酒造組合中央会『漫画で知る 本格焼酎と泡盛』

Chugai Pharmaceutical Picture Book "ゆうきをつなごう! (Yūki o Tsunagou!)"

A picture book that encourages small children to overcome the fear of injections. The book also includes a gimmick to move the picture so that children can have fun while reading.

Content creation that is not bound by few media platforms

Manga Production

Further Examples Utilizing Manga

A manga manuscript that integrates everything from story to character design is an excellent material for other productions as well. If you have a manga manuscript, you can easily make not only web manga and booklets but also animations and goods of designed characters. In addition, the short and easy-to-understand dialogue structure of manga is also suitable for localization, and Sideranch can cover all the work in-house!

From Web Manga to Motion Manga by adding sounds


To a video!

Play Video about 三井住友アセットマネジメント・マンガ動画

Easy transition from one manga manuscript to multiple languages


To translated version!


Development of figures and merch based on character production and company introduction videos


To merchandise!


Digital Development of Manga

Advantages of Digital Content Production

From planning and editing books to web development and proposals for digital content, our support provides directions that have no barriers between print media and digital media.

It is possible to respond without any waste of time if you have good planning for the digital development during the production stage. It will make it easier to reduce the cost and develop the next content.

Vertical Scrolling Manga

We have acquired great knowledge in new ways of showing manga; smartphone support and processing of data for overseas distribution.

You can freely process Vertical Scrolling Manga, like converting it into books or conversely converting normal manuscripts into vertical scrolling data.