Sideranch Inc. | Manga Production / Manga Editing / Publishing

Sideranch Inc. is a company that creates all types of
content by utilizing the excellent know-how of manga.

Manga Production for Entertainment

We have a proven track record of producing many original manga specializing in entertainment! We offer a wide variety of genres, from otherworldly reincarnations to villainous daughters, game titles, manga adaptations of famous novels, and more. We provide complete manga production from the planning stage.

Original Manga

We produce Manga in any genre, medical, legal, sports, and more! We also deal with the production of Motion Manga videos based on Manga, and Manga translation. We can meet the needs of a wide range of clients, including corporations, public organizations, publishers, and game companies!

Inbound Manga

Manga is popular around the world and it enables communication that transcends language and cultural barriers. Tourist information documents for travelers, advertisements of products for overseas and businesses, internal ethics of overseas bases, etc… Localization is available for any type of product!

Vertical Scrolling Manga (Webtoon)

You can read manga just by scrolling vertically! We have plenty of experience in producing worldwide Vertical Scrolling Manga (Webtoon). We have the know-how of producing many types of manga, such as entertainment manga, information distribution manga, and inbound manga.

Motion Manga

Motion Manga for advertisement, corporate manuals, in-store displays, digital billboards, YouTube, websites, MV, signage… The options are limitless! It is possible to produce animated videos at a lower cost than anime while achieving high-quality outcomes with effective movements and sounds.

3D / Vtuber

We can help you with everything for your 3D and VTuber requests, including character design, recording, 3D modeling, video / VR video production, etc.


Virtual Talent

VTuber videos using 3D and Live2D get outstanding attention. There is no doubt that your model will also get much attention as a virtual talent! Once you have a 3D model, you can continue to produce various videos at a low cost.


From character drawings and portraits to realistic backgrounds, we can create advanced illustrations with a variety of touches.


Design / Manga Art

We produce highly specialized illustrations such as wall art we created for Sanrio Puroland. Maze illustrations, life-size panel illustrations, and more… We can also create special illustrations that cannot be found anywhere else.


We can create popular games and original apps. You can entrust us with the production, including not only the visual aspect but also planning, programming, casting, etc.!


Planning / Editing

We will help to create a connection without barriers between print media and digital media. We have planning and editing capabilities that cannot be found anywhere else, such as management support for major websites, news coverages, article production, and book development from content proposals!


Many books are planned and published in-house! Some have been translated and reprinted overseas.