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With Moving and Talking 3D Characters, Gain a Great Attention!

Virtual Talent / Virtual Employee / VTuber / 3D Avatar​

Once a Virtual Talent model is created, new content can be easily developed! They can flexibly respond to situations where it would be challenging to coordinate costs and schedules with living talents!

Benefits of Virtual Talents

Custom-made Talent!

We create talent that fits the image of your company, starting from the design stage. We can also smoothly handle voice actor and seasonal costume changes.

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In Live-Action or in Virtual Space!

Space, your veins, magical fantasy land, or a real tourist destination; Virtual Talents can easily go anywhere without discomfort.


Japanese, English, Korean… With dubbing and subtitling, Virtual Talents quickly become multilingual. We have the know-how to handle a wide range of languages, from major languages to even minor ones in Japan.

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Character Production

Do you have these problems even though you already have a character?

  • I don't know how to make use of it
  • I want to use it for company brochures
  • I don't know where to ask for help
  • I want to make merchandise

Virtual Employee Production

We create Virtual Employees and bring out the full power of the character!

Video Production

At Sideranch, we are good at producing scenarios, which are the heart of a video, and illustrations, which require editing skills. We can produce videos that do not just move the characters, but effectively utilize them.

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Merchandise Production

Why not use your Virtual Employee as a catalyst for your corporate PR? We can also create merchandise such as towels, badges, figurines, calendars, and more with the help of your Virtual Employee.


Virtual Employees, who can provide courteous customer service and reception to everyone, are perfect as a guide for events and company presentations, and as a contact person for reception tablets. Of course, they can also speak multiple languages.

Production Achievements (Japanese Syllabary Order)

Sakura SI Co., LTD.

高峰さくら Sakura Takamine

Based on the illustrations, she is active in many ways, including 3D models, various merchandise such as figures, and as a corporate character. In addition to Japanese, English, and Korean are also available.

You can do a lot with one character!

And they can be a multilingual employee, too!

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They can freely change clothes!

Benesse Corporation

ゆーちゃん Yu-chan

We did everything from modeling to filming and video editing. The videos have a fun atmosphere with the character moving and talking.

3D Avatar Production

We create 3D avatars of various races, animals, robots, etc. based on the techniques we have cultivated for game character creation. Our other specialty is avatars of imaginary creatures, non-human, anthropomorphic characters, etc., as we have worked on many manga & games.

They can be active on the Metaverse,
where real talents can't handle it!

Virtual Talent Rental

Our talent will support
your promotional efforts!

We offer rental services of our Virtual Talents for companies that are thinking, “I want to use a VTuber to try out my product and promote it, but I don’t want to create a character out of the blue.” These distinctive personalities will introduce your products in an appealing way!

Sideranch's Virtual Talents