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Character Quotes

We have collected impressive lines from different characters.
We hope you enjoy a part of the world weaved by the legendary science fiction.


A genius scientist who created “Psychohistory”; future prediction that mathematically derives from human’s behavior patterns.

Hari Seldon


The first responder to the Seldon Crisis. In Terminus, occupied only by scholars, there is a lonely existence that stands out.

Salvor Hardin


A legendary trader who always finishes the assignments no matter what difficulties he encounters.

Limmar Ponyets


A charismatic man who can deal with even the rough traders single-handedly. A wealthy merchant with a huge fortune.

Hober Mallow


Doctor of Symbolic Logic.
He devoted his daily life to cut down meaningless words that cling to human language.

Muller Holk


Former Minister of Education.
He is a type of person that risks own life for politics and protects Hober Mallow.

Ankor Jael


An aide of the strong monarch.
A cruel man whose hobby is to send people, who he doesn’t like, to the gas chamber.



Wife of the first citizen and daughter of a nobleman. An arrogant woman using her father’s power on her own benefit.


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